Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
imaging::AssemblerAssembles the stiffness matrix and force vector of a FE problem
imaging::BiCgStabSolverWrapper class for the BiCGStab solver provided by SPOOLES
imaging::Bilinear2dShapeFunctionBilinear shape function on the square
imaging::BoundaryDiscretizer< N >Abstract class interface for discretizations of shape boundaries
imaging::Box< N >N-dimensional box (hyperrectangle)
imaging::Bspline< DATA_t >Class template for B-Splines of arbitrary data type
imaging::BsplineShapeClass for shapes determined by boundary spline curves in the plane
imaging::CastAccessor< image_t, DATA_t >Provides casted pixel data type access to images
imaging::CgSolverWrapper class for the CG solver of provided by ITPACK
imaging::CircleClass for circles in the plane
imaging::CmessageImplementation of MessageInterface
imaging::ColorClass for 24-bit color values
imaging::CovarianceMatrixAdaptationMinimizes energies using covariance matrix adaptation (CMA)
imaging::Cube3dTransformTransformation of the symmetric unit interval reference element
imaging::CubeIntegrator< N_NODES >Gaussian integrator on the square
imaging::DifferentiableEnergyInterfaceAbstract class interface for differentiable energies depending on vector valued input data
imaging::DifferentiableFunctionalAdaptor< functional_t >Converts a DifferentiableFunctionalInterface object into a DifferentiableEnergyInterface object
imaging::DifferentiableFunctionalInterfaceAbstract class interface of differentiable functionals depending on vector valued input data
imaging::DiffusionStep< fem_types >Implements an implicit time step of an isotropic diffusion equation
imaging::DiscretizableShapeInterface< N >Abstract class interface for discretizable shapes of dimension N
imaging::DummyGraphicsGraphics output that ignores any input
imaging::ElementIntegrator< N, N_NODES >Abstract base class of all integrator classes
imaging::EnergyInterfaceAbstract class interface for energies depending on vector valued input data
imaging::EquationInterface< fem_types >Abstract base class of all PDEs to be solved using the finite element module
imaging::ExceptionGeneric exception with custom error message
imaging::FeFunctionInterfaceAbstract base class of FE approximations of functions
imaging::fem_1d_typesFE types for a 1-dimensional FE problem
imaging::fem_2d_square_typesFE types for a 2-dimensional FE problem with rectangular elements
imaging::fem_2d_triangle_typesFE types for a 2-dimensional FE problem with triangular elements
imaging::fem_3d_cube_typesFE types for a 3-dimensional FE problem with cube elements
imaging::fem_3d_tetrahedra_typesFE types for a 3-dimensional FE problem with tetrahedral elements
imaging::FemKernel< fem_types >Computes the values of the shape functions and the element transformation in the integration nodes
imaging::FileIoExceptionFile I/O exception
boost::numeric::ublas::fixed_matrix< T, M, N, L >UBLAS compatible class template for matrices of fixed size
boost::numeric::ublas::fixed_vector< T, N >UBLAS compatible class template for vectors of fixed size
imaging::FunctionalAdaptor< functional_t >Converts a FunctionalInterface object into an EnergyInterface object
imaging::FunctionalInterfaceAbstract class interface for functionals depending on vector valued input data
imaging::FunctionInterface< A, V >Abstract class template for functions
imaging::GeodesicActiveContourStep< fem_types >Implements an implicit time step of the geodesic active contour evolution
imaging::GraphicsInterfaceAbstract class interface for graphics output
imaging::GraphicsInterface::CommandInterfaceGraphic stream commands
imaging::GraphicsInterface::offset_z_layerGraphics command to offset the current z-value
imaging::GraphicsInterface::set_colorGraphics command to set the current color
imaging::GraphicsInterface::set_groupGraphics command to set the current group
imaging::GraphicsInterface::set_line_widthGraphics command to set the current line width
imaging::GraphicsInterface::StreamStatusClass which stores the current status of the graphics output
imaging::GraphicsInterface::translateGraphics command to translate the current coordinate system
imaging::GrayValueClass for 8-bit grayscale values
imaging::Grid< fem_types >Provides the data structure and accessor functions for a FE grid
imaging::Image< N, DATA_t >Stores image data of arbitrary dimension and pixel type
imaging::Image2Grid< fem_types >Constructs FE grids from multi-dimensional images and provides conversion functions between grid and image
imaging::ImageAccessorInterface< image_t, DATA_t >Abstract base class of all image accessor classes
imaging::ImageInterface< N, DATA_t >Abstract base class of all classes modelling image data
imaging::InterpolationAdaptorInterface< image_t >Abstract base class of image interpolation function which provide pixel values in floating point coordinates
imaging::Interval1dTransformTransformation of the symmetric unit cube reference element. TODO:
imaging::IntervalIntegrator< N_NODES >Gaussian integrator on the symmetric unit interval
imaging::LbfgsMinimizes differentiable energies using the Limited Memory BFGS method (a Quasi-Newton method)
imaging::Linear1dShapeFunctionLinear shape function on the symmetric unit interval
imaging::Linear2dShapeFunctionLinear shape function on the triangle
imaging::Linear3dShapeFunctionLinear shape function on the tetrahedra
imaging::LinearPcaLinear principal component analysis
imaging::LuSolverWrapper class for the LU solver provided by SPOOLES
imaging::MathExceptionMathematical exception
imaging::McmStep< fem_types >Implements an implicit time step of a mean curvature motion equation
imaging::MessageInterfaceAbstract class interface for displaying log messages
imaging::MinimizerInterfaceAbstract base class of iterative minimization methods
imaging::MrepConnection< N >MrepConnection
imaging::imaging::MrepConnection< 2 >MrepConnection
imaging::MrepModel< position_t, atom_t, connection_t >MrepModel
imaging::MrepModel2dMedial axis parametrization of planar shapes
imaging::MrepSkeleton2dMedial axis parametrization of planar shapes
imaging::MumfordShahEnergy< shape_t >Simplified Mumford-Shah energy for arbitrary shape classes
imaging::NlCgMinimizes differentiable energies using nonlinear conjugated gradients
imaging::OpenGlViewerGraphics output that renders graphics using GLUT
imaging::PeriodicBspline< DATA_t >Class template for periodic B-Splines of arbitrary data type
imaging::PointIntegrator(Gaussian) integrator on a point
imaging::PoissonEquation< fem_types >Implements the Poisson equation with Dirichlet boundary conditions
imaging::PolygonPlanar polygon with multiple outlines and holes
imaging::PolygonModel2dMedial axis parametrization of planar shapes
imaging::PolynomialInterpolationAdaptor< image_t >Polynomial interpolation of image values at floating point coordinates
imaging::Position2dStores the coordinates and the rotation of shapes in the plane
imaging::ScalarImage< N, DATA_t >Image with constant pixel values
imaging::ScalingAccessor< float_accessor_t >Provides access to rescaled floating point images
imaging::ShapeEnergyInterface< shape_t >Abstract class interface for energies depending on vector valued input data which define an input shape
imaging::ShapeFunction< N_NODES, N_FACE_NODES, N >Abstract base class of all shape functions classes
imaging::ShapeInterfaceAbstract class interface for shapes on a shape parameter manifold
imaging::ShapeStatistics< shape_t >Computes the mean shape and the covariance of a shape distribution and samples from this distribution
imaging::SimpleAssemblerAssembles the stiffness matrix and force vector of a FE problem implementing SimpleEquationInterface
imaging::SimpleEquationAdaptor< equation_t >Converts a SimpleEquationInterface object into an EquationInterface object
imaging::SimpleEquationInterface< fem_types_t >Abstract base class of scalar, elliptic PDEs in divergence form
imaging::SimplePolygonPlanar polygon defined by one polygonal boundary curve
imaging::SnakesEnergy< shape_t >Snakes energy for arbitrary shape classes
imaging::SolverInterfaceAbstract class interface for solver for sparse systems of linear equations
imaging::Square2dTransformTransformation of the square reference element
imaging::SquareIntegrator< N_NODES >Gaussian integrator on the square
imaging::StatisticalRegularization< shape_t >Statistical regularization functional based on an arbitrary shape segmentation functional
imaging::SteepestDescentMinimizes differentiable energies using steepest descent
imaging::Tetrahedra3dTransformTransformation of the tetrahedra reference element
imaging::TetrahedraIntegrator< N_NODES >Gaussian integrator on the tetrahedron
imaging::Transform< N_VERTICES, N_FACES, N >Abstract base class of all transformations of the reference element to an element of the FE grid
imaging::Triangle2dTransformTransformation of the triangle reference element
imaging::TriangleIntegrator< N_NODES >Gaussian integrator on the triangle
imaging::TvFlowStep< fem_types >Implements an implicit time step of a total variation flow equation
imaging::VectorComponentAccessor< vector_image_t >Provides access to different channels of vector valued image data
imaging::imaging::xml_handler< Bspline< DATA_t > >
imaging::imaging::xml_handler< Circle >
imaging::imaging::xml_handler< MrepAtom >
imaging::imaging::xml_handler< MrepConnection< 2 > >
imaging::imaging::xml_handler< MrepModel2d >
imaging::imaging::xml_handler< PeriodicBspline< DATA_t > >
imaging::imaging::xml_handler< Polygon >
imaging::imaging::xml_handler< PolygonModel2d >
imaging::imaging::xml_handler< Position2d >
imaging::imaging::xml_handler< SimplePolygon >
imaging::imaging::xml_handler< ublas::matrix< float_t > >
imaging::imaging::xml_handler< ublas::vector< float_t > >
imaging::XmlReaderReads XML files using a stream interface
imaging::XmlReader::attributeStream command to select an attribute at the current path
imaging::XmlReader::child_elementStream command to add a child element to the current path
imaging::XmlReader::default_value< data_t >Stream command to read an object if it is present at the current path and to retrieve an default value if not
imaging::XmlReader::elementStream command to add an element to the current path
imaging::XmlReader::try_read< data_t >Stream command to read an object if it is present at the current path and to keep it unchanged if not
imaging::XmlReader::XmlNoTagExceptionThis exception is throw if the attempt to read an object fails
imaging::XmlWriterReads XML files using a stream interface
imaging::XmlWriter::attributeStream command to add an attribute at the current path
imaging::XmlWriter::commentStream command to add a comment at the current path
imaging::XmlWriter::elementStream command to add an element to the current path

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