imaging::BiCgStabSolver Class Reference
[Linear Solver Module]

Wrapper class for the BiCGStab solver provided by SPOOLES. More...

#include <BiCgStabSolver.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void solve (const ublas::compressed_matrix< float_t > &eqs, const ublas::vector< float_t > &rhs, ublas::vector< float_t > &result) const

Detailed Description

Wrapper class for the BiCGStab solver provided by SPOOLES.

This class implements a conjugated gradients solver by interfacing SPOOLES.

Member Function Documentation

void imaging::BiCgStabSolver::solve ( const ublas::compressed_matrix< float_t > &  eqs,
const ublas::vector< float_t > &  rhs,
ublas::vector< float_t > &  result 
) const [virtual]

Solves the system of equations defined by the matrix eqs and the vector rhs and writes the solution to result. The vector result is automatically resized to dimension of the system. If the sizes of the input data are such that the system cannot be solved an Exception is thrown.

Implements imaging::SolverInterface.

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