imaging::IntervalIntegrator< N_NODES > Class Template Reference
[Finite Element Module]

Gaussian integrator on the symmetric unit interval. More...

#include <ElementIntegrator.hpp>

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imaging::ElementIntegrator< 1, N_NODES >

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template<std::size_t N_NODES>
class imaging::IntervalIntegrator< N_NODES >

Gaussian integrator on the symmetric unit interval.

Gaussian integrator on the interval [-1, 1]. IntervalIntegrator<1> is used as element integrator in fem_1d_types and as boundary element integrator in fem_2d_square_types and fem_2d_triangle_types. IntervalIntegrator is currently implemented for N_NODES = 1, 2. You will rarely use this class directly, but might plug it into your own FE traits class as integrator_t or boundary_integrator_t.

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