imaging::fem_1d_types Class Reference
[Finite Element Module]

FE types for a 1-dimensional FE problem. More...

#include <fem_1d_types.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef Interval1dTransform transform_t
typedef Linear1dShapeFunction shape_function_t
typedef IntervalIntegrator< 2 > integrator_t
typedef PointIntegrator boundary_integrator_t

Static Public Attributes

static const std::size_t data_dimension = 1

Detailed Description

FE types for a 1-dimensional FE problem.

This class provides FE types for 1-dimensional FE problems. It has the following characteristics:

See also:
fem_2d_square_types, fem_2d_triangle_types, fem_3d_tetrahedra_types, fem_3d_cube_types

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