imaging::InterpolationAdaptorInterface< image_t > Class Template Reference
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Abstract base class of image interpolation function which provide pixel values in floating point coordinates. More...

#include <InterpolationAdaptorInterface.hpp>

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imaging::PolynomialInterpolationAdaptor< image_t >

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Public Types

typedef image_t::data_t data_t

Public Member Functions

const ublas::fixed_vector
< size_t, image_t::dimension > & 
size () const
data_t operator[] (const ublas::fixed_vector< float_t, image_t::dimension > &index)

Static Public Attributes

static const std::size_t dimension = image_t::dimension


class PolynomialInterpolationAdaptor< image_t >
class LinearInterpolationAdaptor< image_t >
class MeanInterpolationAdaptor< image_t >

Detailed Description

template<class image_t>
class imaging::InterpolationAdaptorInterface< image_t >

Abstract base class of image interpolation function which provide pixel values in floating point coordinates.

This class is the base class of all image interpolation classes. Such classes are initialized by ImageInterface objects and provide a pixel accessor [] for real valued pixel coordinates. Depending on the implementing class this operators returns an interpolated pixel value.

Member Typedef Documentation

template<class image_t>
typedef image_t::data_t imaging::InterpolationAdaptorInterface< image_t >::data_t

The data type which is returned by the interpolation adaptor. Common choices are float_t for grayscale images stored at floating point precision or char for 8-bit data.

Member Function Documentation

template<class image_t>
const ublas::fixed_vector<size_t, image_t::dimension>& imaging::InterpolationAdaptorInterface< image_t >::size (  )  const [inline]

Returns the size of the image the interpolation adaptor is attached to.

Referenced by imaging::PolynomialInterpolationAdaptor< image_t >::gradient().

template<class image_t>
data_t imaging::InterpolationAdaptorInterface< image_t >::operator[] ( const ublas::fixed_vector< float_t, image_t::dimension > &  index  ) 

Returns the interpolation at the position index of the surrounding pixel values.

Member Data Documentation

template<class image_t>
const std::size_t imaging::InterpolationAdaptorInterface< image_t >::dimension = image_t::dimension [inline, static]

The dimension of the image. It equals 2 for planar images and 3 for voxel-data.

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