imaging::imaging::xml_handler< Bspline< DATA_t > > Class Template Reference
[B-Spline Module]

#include <xmlio.hpp>

Detailed Description

class imaging::imaging::xml_handler< Bspline< DATA_t > >

#include <spline/xmlio.hpp>

Read and write B-Spline curves from XML files. The format of the XML object is as follows:

    <!-- optional,
         if no knots are provided, equidistant knots starting at 0
         are used (as below) -->
    <!-- use the right string represention of DATA_t
         within the coefficient-tags -->
    <coefficient>(0, 0)</coefficient> 
    <coefficient>(1, 0)</coefficient>
    <coefficient>(1, 1)</coefficient>
    <coefficient>(0, 1)</coefficient>

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