imaging::PolygonModel2d Class Reference
[M-Rep Module]

Medial axis parametrization of planar shapes. More...

#include <PolygonModel2d.hpp>

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imaging::MrepSkeleton2d imaging::DiscretizableShapeInterface< 2 > imaging::MrepModel< position_t, atom_t, connection_t > imaging::ShapeInterface

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Public Types

typedef PeriodicBspline
< ublas::fixed_vector< float_t, 2 > > 

Public Member Functions

 PolygonModel2d (const Position2d &position, size_t n_atoms=0, size_t n_connections=0)
virtual std::auto_ptr
< BoundaryDiscretizer< 2 > > 
boundary_discretizer (size_t n_points) const
void compute_boundary (size_t n_sector_discretization_points, Polygon &polygon) const
 Computes the boundary polygon of the model.

Detailed Description

Medial axis parametrization of planar shapes.

Member Function Documentation

std::auto_ptr< BoundaryDiscretizer< 2 > > imaging::PolygonModel2d::boundary_discretizer ( size_t  n_points  )  const [virtual]

Returns a boundary discretizer for this shape.

Implements imaging::DiscretizableShapeInterface< 2 >.

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