Photoacoustic Imaging in Biology and Medicine

Photoacoustic Imaging (PAI) is becoming a major tool for preclinical studies owing to its unique property of combining optical and ultrasound imaging. Its potential for in-vitro and in-vivo imaging has been demonstrated both in tomographic setups and in photoacoustic microscopy. The research network Photoacoustic Imaging in Biology and Medicine represents an interdisciplinary consortium of experts in photoacoustic imaging in Austria. It combines all research areas currently considered to play a significant role in photoacoustic imaging, namely biology, mathematics, medicine, and physics. The main goal is to steer the technique towards practical applicability and routine for biomedical applications.

International workshop on hybrid and photoacoustic imaging 2012

Experts in photoacoustic and hybrid imaging from all over the world meeting in Vienna to make the point for clinical applications in novel imaging techniques. Multimodal and coupled physics techniques to have major clinical impact in monitoring diseases: Read more.

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