imaging::Polygon Member List

This is the complete list of members for imaging::Polygon, including all inherited members.

contour(size_t i) const imaging::Polygon [inline]
contours() const imaging::Polygon [inline]
hole(size_t i) const imaging::Polygon [inline]
holes() const imaging::Polygon [inline]
n_contours() const imaging::Polygon [inline]
n_holes() const imaging::Polygon [inline]
operator=(const Polygon &source)imaging::Polygon
Polygon() (defined in imaging::Polygon)imaging::Polygon
Polygon(const Polygon &source)imaging::Polygon
Polygon(const SimplePolygon &simple_polygon)imaging::Polygon [explicit]
Polygon(std::auto_ptr< std::vector< SimplePolygon > > contours, std::auto_ptr< std::vector< SimplePolygon > > &holes)imaging::Polygon
set_contours(std::auto_ptr< std::vector< SimplePolygon > > contours)imaging::Polygon
set_holes(std::auto_ptr< std::vector< SimplePolygon > > holes)imaging::Polygon

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