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Mission Statement

We conduct research in Inverse Problems and Image Analysis. The common thread among these areas is a canonical problem of recovery of an object (function or image) from partial or indirect information.

Research Activities of our group are

  1. Geometrical Modelling for Image Analysis. We are using homology constraints and geometrical modelling for the efficient image analysis.
  2. Mathematical Modelling and numerical simulations in Thermoacoustic Tomography.
  3. Variational regularization methods for Image Analysis. Currently main activities are inverse scale space flows and Bregman distance regularization.
  4. Calculus of variations for nonconvex variational problems and nonconvex semigroup theory.
  5. Statistical Methods and Image Analysis. We are exploring related approaches in Statistics and for Total Variation Regularization.


Oct 13-12th, 2014 we are co-organizing a "Special Semester on New Trends in Calculus of Variations" more

May 5-16th, 2014 we are co-organizing the workshop "Theoretical and Applied Computational Inverse Problems". more

On October 1st, 2013 the new master curriculum on Computation Science has been launched. A list of courses can be found here. more

On July 10-12, 2013 we held the opening conference of our project "Modeling Visual Attention as Key Factor in Visual Recognition and Quality of Experience" at the University of Vienna, Faculty of Psychology.more

Markus Grasmair has been appointed associated Prof. at the University of Trondheim (Norway).

Our former colleague Christiane Pöschl (now Grenoble) has been awarded a Hertha-Firnberg-Programm of the Austrian Science Fund.



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