Mission Statement

The Computational Science Center (CSC) is a research platform, which has been been founded in 2009 with the appointment of Otmar Scherzer, who became head of CSC. The CSC is a research platform belonging to the faculties of Mathematics and Computer Science. The CSC was involved in the planing of the new master curriculum in Computational Sciences, which was implemented in 2014. The teaching duties concern applied mathematical topics in the bachelor and master curricula of Mathematics, and master curricula in Computer Science, and Computational Sciences. The staff of CSC, funded by the University of Vienna, consists of three Postdocs, one computer expert, and one (half-time employed) secretary. The core research topics of the CSC are on Inverse Problems and Image Analysis. The common thread among these areas is a canonical problem of recovery of an object (function or image) from partial or indirect information. Particular research topics are:

Research Activities of our group are

  1. Geometrical Modeling for Image Analysis.
  2. Mathematical Modeling and numerical simulations in Coupled Physics Imaging.
  3. Variational regularization methods for Image Analysis and Inverse Problems.
  4. Mathematical models for visual attention.


Dissertation of Thomas Glatz

Congratulations to Thomal Glatz, who successfully defended his dissertation "Photoacoustic Inversion Based on In-depth Wave Models" on Apr 7th!

CSC in Inverse Problems Highlights of 2015

An article by Thomas Widlak and Otmar Scherzer has been selected as highlight of 2015.

Open PhD Position

We are offering an open PhD Position within the FWF-funded research project Employing Recent Outcomes in Proximal Theory Outside the Comfort Zone.

Excellent Research in Extra Time

The university magazine UNI:VIEW (link in German) congratulated us for the funding renewal of our subproject Variational Methods for Imaging on Manifolds of the national research network Geometry + Simulation.
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