Visual Attention

"We can look at something and ignore the rest. The visual attention of the people is selective in that it selectively Even if we look at something directly, we often refer to only certain, sometimes no information", the project manager Ulrich Ansorge describes one of the central psychological services human. . The aim of the current WWTF project is to get through experimental methods into a comprehensive model of visual attention , the dynamic environment ... In order to control actions and put cognitive processing in motion processes can, we deal only with selected visual information: "Someone is trying to memorize a phone number, and leaves the address, which is equal to stated next, completely ignored, "says the psychologist on the basis of an everyday example.

The visual attention project in the news portal of the university (movie in german) university news portal

We show that it is possible to decompose the motion into two components: a smooth motion (U1) and oscillating patterns (U1 and U2). Take the example presented in the demo. The optic flow in the example consists of 60 frames, with a cube moving smoothly along the diagonal direction from the bottom left to the top right covering a distance of 5% of each frame’s size, and a periodic background oscillation of a period of four frames. The smooth motion of the cube is visualized as a global movement that appears in optic flow components U1 and U2, In contrast, the periodic background movement appears solely in component U2 of the optic flow. In this way, we calculate and segregate two components of optic flow. We are connecting such image segmentation with the operation of visual attention during human viewing of dynamic image sequences.

A similar decomposotion is applied to the following video.
In the u1 component of the flow is present only the smooth movement.
In the u2 component we see the reflection of the Ferris wheel on the glasses and blinking lights


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