S10501-N20: Coordination Project

The coordination project S10501-N20 takes care of the organizational concerns, in particular organization of project meetings and international workshops. Moreover, the installation of preclinical prototypes, the biological and medical experiments are coordinated and joint publications are coordinated.
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S10502-N20: Detection Methods for PAI

Project S10502-N20 provides the partners in biology and medicine with optimal PAI instrumentation that complies with their application specific demands. Moreover, novel ultrasound detectors are designed based on photonic techniques and specially shaped piezoelectric sensors.
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S10503-N20: Inhomogeneities and Attenuation in PAI

Project S10503-N20 is based on a recently developed fiber based Fabry-Perot interferometer PAI setup. Various issues for high resolution imaging using this setup are addressed: Spatially varying sound velocities and partial compensation of frequency dependent attenuation are taken into account and the use of polymer fibers instead of glass fibers is studied.
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S10505-N20: Reconstruction Algorithms for PAI

Project S10505-N20 contributes to this research network with mathematical modelling and simulation, novel reconstruction formulas, filtering techniques and efficient computational algorithms. The developed methods are implemented as computer software which is used by the physicists designing new experimental setups and by the medical doctors and biologists performing experiments.
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S10508-N20: Optical parallel detection for high-speed photoacoustic tomography

Project S10508-N20 contributes to this research network with the development of novel optical parallel detection setups to achieve high-speed photoacoustic imaging for the application in medical and biological research.
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S10509-N20: Photoacoustic tomography based analyses of pancreas regeneration in adult zebrafish

Project S10509-N20 applies setups and technologies provided by the partners within the research network to investigate the regeneration of β-cells in the pancreas of adult zebrafish. The long term aim is to understand the regeneration process, which is unique in zebrafish, and eventually this knowledge could contribute to the development of type I diabetes treatment.
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S10510-N20: PAI and OCT

Projekt S10510-N20 combines PAI and optical coherence tomography (OCT) into a fast multi-modal imaging system, providing depth resolved tissue microstructure and functional information. OCT is based on white light interferometry and delivers non-invase morphological and structural information with high speed in the order of 100 MHz and a resolution in the μm-range..
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