S10503-N20: Acoustic inhomogeneities and attenuation

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  • Recently, in the ongoing FWF project P18172-N02 a PAI setup using a fiber based Fabry-Perot interferometer has been developed. The project PP 03 is based on this PAI setup. Various short-comings for high resolution imaging will be addressed in this project to develop an imaging device which meets the demands of our project partners from medicine (PP 06). Development, characterization and implementation of reconstruction methods for PAI with spatially varying sound velocities and (at least partial) compensation of frequency dependent attenuation will be performed in close cooperation with the math-group (PP 05). Further developments on the PAI setup for improving image quality, resolution and measurement time require collaboration with PP 02 (parallel optical detectors). Additionally the development of fiber based interferometers with polymer fibers instead of glass fibers (now in use) would increase the sensitivity of the PAI setup.
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